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On flaws in my writing style…

Someone, after reading my blog feedbacked me to say that I had a proclivity for long and complicated sentences( pity she didn’t leave a comment on my blog ..:(…), and on reflection , it’s true…my sentences tend to be super … Continue reading

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This just in…

Just watching the news parallelly as I check my mails and there’s this snippet on NDTV India about those irritating bhajan singers, nay, tuneless non-bhajan bawlers, in Mumbai locals… these guys honestly, don’t realise how much they irritate the mental … Continue reading

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Independence Rock..and I couldn’t be there!!

Independence rock is happenning at Andheri ..yesterday and today..and i won’t be there…I’ll have my lazy roommates and odd working hours of other friends in mumbai to blame…

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Sesquicentenaries, in passing…

As a COEPian, I’m often distraught at the necessity to change the name of my alma Mater from COEP to PIET ( yes, my venerable college now goes by this moniker) but, I can see several advantages to this uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Comments Invited

Hmmm…. I was on the verge of suicidal tendencies on account of not having even a single comment posted by “friends” who “claimed” they visited my blog and tried to post comments but “failed”…. Apparently the “…double quotes…” are unnecessary, … Continue reading

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India’s olympic Gold….

No… before you descend into raptures of orgasmic pleasure, or spasms of intense disbelief…let me state categorically THAT WE HAVEN”T WON EVEN A SINGLE GOLD YET AT ATHENS fact 1980, Los angeles (?) was our last gold in hockey … Continue reading

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to You I have to ask, Was light and shade both your task? Could it perhaps have been but light? No?…like a blinding aspect of the sun, You’re saying it would be darker than the night Then,pray tell,why not shade … Continue reading

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