This just in…

Just watching the news parallelly as I check my mails and there’s this snippet on NDTV India about those irritating bhajan singers, nay, tuneless non-bhajan bawlers, in Mumbai locals… these guys honestly, don’t realise how much they irritate the mental composure of fellow passengers who have tired bodies, frustrating work days, seriously oxygen deprived lungs,legs that are so cramped for space that if-i-lift-one-and-then-the-other-i-needn’t-worry-about-putting-them-back-down-see-mama-no-legs!,not to mention that niggling fear that one may not get down at that desired destination if one doesn’t hold a PhD in crowd flow dynamics…Now with all this to distract what we really look forward to is, to be hassled by these bhajan inflicting pestilences..I mean,bhajan away all you want, at home for christ’s or mohammad’s or rama’s or krishna’s or whosoever’s sake, dang it!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to This just in…

  1. Rahul says:

    To make a 1 on your binary comment list.I like the bhajan singers, more because I enjoy the caustic reactions of fellow passengers. Sadistic that I am, its nice to see, already frustrated souls getting more frustrated in life.

  2. Arkus Caesar says:

    Rahul, your sadistic tendencies are’nt new to me, but just so there are no facual errors on your comment , whether you like ’em or not being immaterial please refer to these entities as tuneless bhajan bawlers and not as bhajan singers..I shall rectify this oversight on my part on the original post as well..

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