On flaws in my writing style…

Someone, after reading my blog feedbacked me to say that I had a proclivity for long and complicated sentences( pity she didn’t leave a comment on my blog ..:(…), and on reflection , it’s true…my sentences tend to be super complex in grammatical terms , consisting of one or two main clauses and several subsidiary dependent/independant clauses..I guess this is a reflection of the spontaneous outflow of my thoughts..not that this is strange in the blogging community..most blogs I read adopt this style, since most blogs are extemporaneous descriptions of what is known as a state of mind..although I hope that in my case, atleast, my sentences don’t get as obscure as James Joyce’s (IMHO tripey/trashy) literature…

Infact , if you take a look at my blog the one thing that stands out, now that it has been pointed out to me, is the singular lack of full stops delineating one sentence from the next. I infinitely prefer the pause “…”connector…

On my lack of simple sentences and inability to paragraph, one painful incident from an English class when I was a tot, comes to mind…Here was this essay “On reading books”, which, was my fave pastime even then,that I particularly considered one of my literary achievements, and that I’d submitted with a lot of pride to my English teacher expecting to get the highest marks in my class for the effort, which in those days was big deal, given that there were lots of kids better at essay writing than me in my classs…I got 0/10 on the essay..the reason?– i still remember her exact comments…” I don’t believe you’ve heard of the concpt of paragraphs.Wherever you have condescended to break the monotous flow of sentences, I see no paragraphs only extremely long sentences masquerading as paragraphs.The essay is good, but the style leaves me no choice!”

On a parallel note, this tendency runs in my family , my dad has preserved essay notebooks from when he was a kid at Loyola’s ,Pune, and similar reprimands were recieved by my not so ancient ancestor as well….

But who cares, this is the way I wrote, I write, and will continue to!…muhahahahah!!!

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