On Quizzing and breaks from…

It’s been ages since I’ve participated in a Quiz ..and while there is no dearth of open quizzes in Bombay or Pune, which from my home at Vashi is only a 3 hour journey, the snag really,is that I have weekends working and Sunday is the usual day for such dos..

So today there is a quiz at FC..”Inquizzition “…LINK HERE…now this happened to be the first quiz where me and my usual partner in crime Manish Mahajan tasted complete victory in Quizzes (i.e a First place as opposed to the 2nd and 3rds we’d been piling up)..and it was like the proverbial tasting of blood, our duo then notched up several subsequent good wins…However, and here is the moot point, my college was choc full of super-stud quizzing seniors, and even our victory at Inquizziton (2002??) could partially be ascribed to the no-show (or If you ask Gaurav,showed-up-but-disallowed) by the final year team of Gaurav-Neeraj from our college.

Anyways, the open quizzes were places where the usual suspects like Samrat,Ramanand ,Niranjan,Gaurav,Hirak,etc. would turn up and win with impunity…and that is where our performances got better after this victory, we notched up several reasonable performances after that in open quizzes like the Shyam Bhatt & Gen BCJ memorials ( we’ve yet to winan open quiz, but then “Time!…is on our side…”..:)..)

As far as I know, today at Inquizzition , there is going to be a small team of Ramanand & Gaurav
participating…If you’re a betting person, call this an informed tip as to the likely winners of this quiz… prize money stands at 12,000/- bucks… 6k for the winner… damn my job, which prevents me from being there…also, dang!! they never had a cash prize when we won…boo hoo!……:(…

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