No Roadies for me…

Just found out yesterday that I haven’t made it to the roadies 2 show..

No big deal, but what surprised me was that although I made it to the final 23 from Mumbai , they did’nt even show as much as a glimpse of me on their review..or so say my friends and they would recognize me if I were there is my guess..

Mebbe the real reason for that is this…they called 23 of us from the previous day,(which was fun though!)and took an interview where the panelists tried to “phaado” the interviewees…muhahaha!…well they taped these interviews and while they were taking a look at the tapes it probably struck them ( they’re so dense that it probably took ’em this much time) that instead pf “phaado”ing me, they got “phadaao”ed BY Me!!…therefore editor Bob was flown in from California or wherever and I was edited away…

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