Two Movies!!

And that too in a single day..not unlikely by my standards though and I’ve done two movies a day on too many occasions , even stopped counting it as anything great. In fact the most I ever saw in a day was 5 with my friend Prabhu, we’re crazy..:)…But then, that only happens on days off, and unfortunately nowadays my days off don’t coincide with those of my friends..the pitfalls of training students to crack the CAT ( that’s what I do for a living!!) is that you can be damn sure you have a weekend to call all your own…( coz the entire world has a weekend on a sat-sun, boo hoo! )

Anyways, the movies: “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” which was a take on meet the parents, and ” rakht” which is a take on “What lies Beneath” the movies were good, but I’m pained at the ceaseless necessity of bollywood to replicate all concepts hollywood..get original guys, and if you still can’t write that magic script mebbe you should be scouting for better script-writing talent..(hint!!..I’m not averse to obscene sirree!!)

Now there is such a quark in the world of science and technol0gy called the strange quark and the reason I recall this tiny friend of mine is that the last time I caught two movies in a day was “Deewar” and “Hum Tum”, which were come to think of it “The great escape” and “When Harry met Sally” respectively…”strange” coincidence??..perhaps I should quit taking in multiple movies in a day…

Two movies I still wanna see ” I, robot” though N ( N>infinity) Asimov-fan friends of mine have warned me against it, but still…and the other one is “Dhoom”…so finally the little B has a hit and i’ll be damned if anyone can dissuade me from watching this movie..the only dissapointment for me today was, that the little B has a really small cameo in “Rakht”….

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