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On a rather embarassing note this happened to me: My sister called me today morning and enquired whats up?…So I said “Oh the usual, whats up with you ?”..And she sort of oh-ahed and said the usual and proceeded to … Continue reading

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Arre OSAMA!!!

As a Sholay fan I just could’nt resist this pathetic pun as a title to my long overdue blog…but publicizing my highly original(??) pun was not the sole intention of this blog. The intention was to draw your attention to … Continue reading

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Goa Away!!

Yippee!!…taken a 10 day break from work, which IMHO was rather well timed, am in Goa right now…chilling out with Prabhu and a couple of other friends… In a couple of days time I shift-ho to Delhi and my parents’ … Continue reading

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The CIA report on Iraqi WMD

Saw a sizeable snatch of this live feed ( Congressional hearing) dealing with the CIA’s report on the Iraqi Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD) Program….the report was vastly underreported in our national dailies which wasn’t surprising…but, if anyone saw it, … Continue reading

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