Arre OSAMA!!!

As a Sholay fan I just could’nt resist this pathetic pun as a title to my long overdue blog…but publicizing my highly original(??) pun was not the sole intention of this blog.

The intention was to draw your attention to the fact that as the weeks have drawn on, both US presidential candidates have looked more and more foolish with each passing day.I can’t quite say for sure whether Kerry substantially differs from a Neanderthal or Bush from an Amoeba. Frankly, this US election makes me think that for all the inconsistencies and outrages we have to put up with in our leaders, atleast they manage to prevent outright displays of “zero IQ-ness” to coin a term…quite frankly Kerry’s “I have a plan” is only marginally less irritating then GWB,Jr’s ” We are at war with these terrorists”.And then out of the blue comes Osama’s tape…

Its interesting, and probably an abhorrent opinion for several, but I beleive Osama was looking far more dignified in his TV appearance then any of the US Prez hopefuls. In fact who knows, he may have even endeared himself to that section of the US public which ensured that Farenheit 9/11 was such a huge hit…

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