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On Feynman and Nanotechnology…

What defines a true innovator?…Whatever your definition, Richard P. Feynman would have to top your list..Incidentally he’d top a lot of my lists: genius, humourist, talent, maverick and men-who-innjoyed lists to begin with…. You read people like Asimov, Jules Verne … Continue reading

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Manna from heaven…

Every once in a while an enigmatic post keeps my readers on their toes….

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Evolving Lingo…

Smart advertising and the best Engineering college( any college actually) lingo have one thing in common…they’re huge fun…remember any lingo peculiar to your college?…tell me about it!! At COEP , we Iconoclasts and Dhu#$%masti public at meta dept. used to … Continue reading

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15 Straight Days…

…of unwilling sobriety….some big daroo occasions and some small have converged together on me like only once before in my life ( last year of engineering..when i had a 23 day streak ended by a two wheeler accident!!)…will break my … Continue reading

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Thanks to Mankar Bhai for the link

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Sawai Singh Rajpurohit’s Wedding….2

The story so far… As we shifted ho from Kunwarda towards the nearby village of Bhadrajun, we were greeted by a road that slipped in towards a vale encircled on three sides by mountains, and seemed headed for what seemed … Continue reading

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