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PDPzz and more..

This one was the longest..(well..many more from wher that came from)..Yet, I must add.. I am unable to sleep and its almost 4 am..Life’s sure has changed since 2 weeks ago. 9 subjects trying to get the better of me. … Continue reading

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On Charity begins at home

Have always been a lover of art, but my tastes have been rather catholic..i.e not restricted to accepted well knowns..of course Escher ,Dali,gogin etc. rock… but here’s another artist whose paintings I love…my sister… BTW for the discerning, the blog … Continue reading

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finally Othello!!!….If Maqbool is any yardstick, then this for sure is one movie I’m so looking forward to …wonder who’s IAGO?…If it’s Saif, then the movie will rock for sure already..Devgan as Othello, even better…waiting for the 28th!!!

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My First Day at IIFT

Well has so far been pretty relaxed…got off the rajdhani today morning ..tootled to the hostel in an auto..settled in almost immediately..also met a senior, Suryakumar..whom i happened to know from Mumbai…so far so good…

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might is write

Many days into this blog..phew and not many contributions coming in.. Well there could be umpteen reasons for this..One of the questions in the mind of most of us would be.. Why should we write.. We communicate so much.. We … Continue reading

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Investment Banks

Investment banks assist public and private corporations in raising funds in the capital markets (both equity and debt), as well as in providing strategic advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and other types of financial transactions. They also act as intermediaries … Continue reading

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Before IIFT abt some variety folks ? Here’s a so-so day in my life before I come to IIFT.. Past month or so…8 am – wake up8.01 am – go back to sleep10 am – wake up and sit in bed10.30 … Continue reading

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