Before IIFT abt some variety folks ? Here’s a so-so day in my life before I come to IIFT..

Past month or so…
8 am – wake up
8.01 am – go back to sleep
10 am – wake up and sit in bed
10.30 am – brush teeth…blah, blah,..
11 am – too hot internet / games/ movies / books
1 pm – lunch made by caring mom
1.30 pm – back to the pc
4 pm – pals come knocking
4.30 pm – play something / go out for a movie / beach / just stay home
8 pm – eat out / eat home
8.30 pm – TV / internet/ games / movies / books
midnight – chatting
past midnight – doing something like writing this post

Who knows what life will be after july 17th. Maybe we could share our experiences after july 17th in this blog. All I know is that I can’t wait to come to delhi.

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