On Surviving a Train Blast…

Yesterday Manali and I had gone to my cousins’ place at Vasai Road for lunch…after a pleasantly lazy lunch, we started from Vasai Road at about 6:00 ish to head to Goregaon and further to Inorbit, where Saili, Manali’s younger sis had some shopping to do…

So we boarded a Churchgate fast and detrained to change for a slow train at Borivli…

At Borivli, we waited on platform 4 as the slow local from churchgate filtered into the platform at about 6:20…we observed as droves of people got off, and i mean thousands…luckily, we were going in the opposite direction which meant “kam bheed”…we boarded the same local as it was now a 6:21 churchgate slow local…only the local never left borivli station…a few minutes later there was an almost deafening report, and distinctly perceptible shock wave…As Manali and I were standing near the door, we promptly got off to see a huge ball of smoke emanating from the compartment right next to us….We merged into the crowd that steadily and quickly, but without panic exited Borivli station…
Let me just add that both of us escaped unhurt…by god’s grace!…but in excess of a hundred people were not as lucky as us…thirty of them died on the spot…

What gets me is not that it could so easily have been us,but rather the somber cogitation that somehow these terrorists probably got the timing of the bombs wrong…As Manali and I were talking about it,had they trigerred their device a few minutes earlier they would probably have killed thousands and not hundreds…the bone chilling reality is that borivli may probably have been one of the more severe blasts but from a first hand experience of the event my gut instinct is that it was probably their intention to inflict far worse damage at borivli and that they just plain botched the timing…again thank god!!!

P.S: Mumbai as usual was back on its feet the next day…terrorists are going to have to learn the hard, humiliating and bitter reality that its easier to scare a mumbaikar(nowadays) with rains than with bombs!!……SALAAM MUMBAI!!

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