might is write

Many days into this blog..phew and not many contributions coming in.. Well there could be umpteen reasons for this..One of the questions in the mind of most of us would be.. Why should we write.. We communicate so much.. We see each other, write scraps on forums like orkut.. What is this whole idea of writing blogs??? Information sharing is but a small part of it.. I believe there is more to it.. This is something I found from my cupboard while clearing trash (thank God, I had written it on a piece of paper at some point in time).. We are blessed that we have blogs and other media to express ourselves. If you can’t convince yourself about the importance of writing, please read what a 14-year old had to say (hope it doesn’t sound too pompous)..

“Thoughts, particularly ideas, know no bounds of time and space. They can crop up at any time and place. How many ideas are retained in our mind and how many are lost? I think a majority of great thoughts and ideas are soon forgotten because we do not treasure them. I am a strong believer that if we start treasuring our thoughts in the form of writings, it can bring out a whole lot of hidden traits and dimensions of our personality. Above all, many readers of our writings can relate the ideas to themselves. Haven’t you ever wondered.. oh gosh.. that’s what I feel..or I could have thought like that..This is the magic of written word.

We, as human beings, tend to soon forget our past. If we jot down a few lines about our daily happenings, then a few years down the line, we can see how far we have travelled in those years. Whether we have been able to better our lives or those of people around us. “

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2 Responses to might is write

  1. Peggy says:

    Handa..handa…I’m coming into the scene soon..[:D]

  2. rav says:

    hey……roy……..it can b only u….betain evry1…….sailing ur way..unmatched

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