Omkara!!…(********..No debates please!)

Finally could spare time to go and watch Omkara …
Absolutely loved Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaptation, the movie scores a 5 on 5 ( which is rare when I’m actually looking forward to a movie)…Good screenplay, great dialogues, brilliant performances, excellent music and ( very important for me) the crispest editing I’ve seen for ages…

The movie boasts an absolutely mind blowing portrayal of Iago by Saif Ali Khan (a.k.a Langda Tyagi)…Devgan was very good as Omkara but I thought he kept well within in himself, perhaps the script hangs together closely precisely because of his lack of overt rage portrayals…Kareena (IMHO) probably the only non-excellent link in the chain ( but pretty good nevertheless)…Great performances by Konkona Sen Sharma, Vive(I)K Oberoi, and the new guy who plays bunny to Saif’s Iago/Tyagi…

[Spoiler warning: plot details follow]

Minor plot changes( alright not so minor): Tyagi (Iago) getting killed by wife, instead of vice versa


Recommendation: Get to your nearest theatre and watch it..I’m prolly gonna go see the movie again (time permitting)

BT-Acumen update:

Today and tomorrow the North Zonals of BT-Acumen are happening on the IIFT campus.. The debate prelims and Quarterfinals were held today as well as the quiz prelims..
4 teams made it through to the quiz finals
4 teams made it through to the debate semifinals…One of those 4 debate teams is IIFT comprising of Swarnim Bharadwaj and yours truly…

Semifinal and North Zone Finals tomorrow…May the best team win!!!

further update:

IIFT delhi was adjudged winner of the north zonal debates…Swarnim and Me will be flying to Mumbai for the Mega finals of BT-Acumen 2006 in November…

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