The Great IIFT Jigsaw!!

So what are the learnings of the Jig-Saw Game…

One extra learning I had was…always be careful with the stuff you write to others in an email…it can land up anytime on any presentation anywhere….

Here it is:

Plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!send all ur inputs and learnings regarding thepuzzle sent by maam T.devi.ITS VERY URGENT need it 2Nite.
thanksPreeti, divya, anupam and arka.

Arun Sriram:
1. A senior is a senior is a senior2. All girls at IIFT may or may not be my sisters.3.Some things cannot be quantified4. In case of any problems close your eyes and sing DEVUDA DEVUDA.Please call me for any help….Phone No. 1234567890

M.A.R. Ravi Teja:
Key Learnings:
1. Cute Photos are selected first for any critical assignments.2. Dont play jig-saw with any faculty at IIFT3. Urgent things can wait sometimes.4. Co-Ordinating is an important Management Activity.5. You can always fall back for help to good friends like us.
Hope my pointers do contribute in your assignment.
Amit Kumar:

Key learnings:
1.never ask people like us for any help regarding assignments.2.when time comes,people don like to play games on PC.3.IIFT is like a concentration camp.4.most important—must learn how to speak for 7 mins. without any topicand with 2 PPT slides.

goooooooooood lucccccccccck

Abhishek B. Menon:

from all what i can gather below,lemme give u some tips to get thisdone.u need a few slides na, so take points from the mails below.waise bhi we blabber on all occasions, so that wont be much of a problemfor any.and the best learning i guess anyone wud get is……. Dont expect anyhelp from anyone…cries for help can cause further help neededelsewhere….


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