even more pics….

A few good pegs…
happy, happy…joy, joy!
Count Vlad Swapnila(in orange)
Posted by Picasa DJ..no more songs please!!!
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2 Responses to even more pics….

  1. Nice pics dude! And good to see u keeping sober too… cant forget ur dancing in Totos after downing 2 beers… so u r better off not drinkin!But too many guys yaar… no women or shud I assume that the fotographer has gay tendencies?!!!

  2. Arkus Caesar says:

    hey consultant type!!..there are plenty of women but not my scene neways..as for the photographer being gay, i really don’t think so but then again since i’m not in the line of fire..it’s best if he responded to your veiled yet barbed criticism himself..:)

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