On Workloads and Lack Of Sleep…

This last week has capped one of the most strenuous and rigorous times I’ve ever been forced to deal with. The workload here at IIFT as I’m sure with any of the top B-schools in India must be comparable. But, here at IIFT, in addition to all the coursework related assignments , projects and term papers, you are also expected to sit through 8 hours of classes on average.
Here’s a snapshot of a typical day ( and yes like the cartoon , we don’t have any weekends, in fact the only holiday we’ve had in our first trimester was 15th August, Independence day…which leads to pretty perverted reasons for us to be thankful to our freedom fighters)

6.45 a.m: Fight off the cobwebs of a slumber that has just about started , and get ready for a yoga session

7.00 a.m – 8.00 a.m. : Yoga

9.00 a.m. – 6.45 p.m. : Classes with 15 mins break between classes and plenty of surprise assessment elements including quizzes thrown in ( usually spent catching up on sleep),and a 45 min break for lunch ( usually spent on working on backlog asignments). every class usually results in assignments and projects due in no time flat.

7.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. : Work on asssignments

9.30 p.m.: grab dinner in a hurry

10.00 p.m- 11.00/11.30 p.m.: Club meetings . Trust me to make the cardinal error of joining 5 clubs.Which means I’ve a club meeting on almost every alternate day. Now club membership at IIFT is a solely voluntary, but an extremely serious affair. Lack of attendance at club meeting can get you barred from the club and also result in disciplinary action.

12.00 midnight.: Someone reminds you there’s plenty of work left to be done on atleast 2-3 projects/assignments/papers that are due in class the next day

12.01 a.m.: You curse like haddock, but get down to work. Really, working hard here is not about the marks , but about the fact that every Proffesor here expects you to live up to and justify your being here at IIFT. Most of us come from top under grad schools ( includin the iconic IITs) and we’ve done pretty well there and later on in our work life, but the magnitude of work here is truly daunting. It absolutely forces you to become an efficient time manager. These last two months have definitely managed to ensur that I’ll survive in absolutely any high pressure senario.

4.00 a.m : you finally call it quits. Hastily latch on the last few slides to your PPT, or frenziedly finish typing the report your working on and… SLEEEP!!!!!

6.45 a.m : Wake up again!!!

The last week was even worse, as we’d absolutely a plethora of asssignments and submissiondue on a continuous rolling basis almost every 3 hours or so. Deadlines here are precisely that, you meet them or you are dead. And so, we coped.

That’s not to say we don’tget time to do other stuff.. we do, some of us more than the others, but all of that comes with an academic price tag attached. So when I spend hours on orkut, my blog , or talking to manali, what I’m basically doing is maintaining my sanity in this hell hole that I’ve vountarily consigned myself to for the next two years.

Love this hell hole though!!


P.S: Today is a lot more relaxed. For a couple of days now we have no classes. So we can finally hit the books, or the movie theaters as we prefer prior to our end terms which start from this thurday.

P.P.S: my next blog will deal with some of the more entertaining Profs and their styles of teaching.

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  1. roy says:

    my poor darling :p

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