The Great IIFTian Hostel Room Makeover

This is the room that Ayush and I share…

…and quite frankly as you can see, it needed a makeover.

so we started and pretty quickly into our effort we were rewarded by locating lost stash like this swimming goggles that its been over two weeks since i’d seen them…

and a huge bundle of clothes that was there, somewhere…

after hauling furniture here and there…

we were almost there…

and this is how our room looks now….

let’s see how long it remains this way…

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2 Responses to The Great IIFTian Hostel Room Makeover

  1. hey u in iift? thats fashion rite???well im in nift, though there r no hostels fr guys here, we have a huge hostel fr gals, and our room, well its jus like urs…and belive me…i have the same situation, and now im thinkin of duin sumthin about it!!!!and yeah…urs is pretty good…nice work guys!!!!:D 😛

  2. Arkus Caesar says:

    dude..somehow i completely missed your comment, but no, IIFT is not Fashion..its the Indian institute of Foreign Trade..We're a Foreign Trade/WTO related research & Consultancy body under Ministry of Commerce, with an MBA program that regularly ranks in the top 10 in India.

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