On Life not being too bad…

Manali happens to be absolutely a gadget freak and one those people who keep changing mobile phones more frequently than you or I would change clothes. But it’s been a while since she’s last changed her phone, and so when she went all ga-ga about the new Iphone 3Gs White with its 32 Gb memory and this and that avec bells and whistles , I just gave in…

…And got hooked myself ( people who have seen me with my endless string of abused lower end reliance phones can vouch for me not being even remotely in the same universe as gadget freaks )…but oh yes !!!… the iphone is IT..indeed eet ees!!

And that’s why I now have bought myself ( an even smarter looking, but perhaps less feature turbo charged) iphone 3G 16 gb Black :

Oui, C’est vrai, mon ami..la vie, ce n’est pas mal pour le moment !! šŸ˜€

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One Response to On Life not being too bad…

  1. 666 says:

    Congrats! Its an absolutely fantastic piece of shiny metal costly metal. Suits a metallurgist!!

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