On my Changing Blog persona…and two brilliantly funny posts

Used to be that my earliest blog posts were so much more interlaced with humour..reading through a few of them reminds me gently that sometimes I wrote assuming I was the greatest funny writer available on the planet when I wasn’t… at other times I’d say I’ve managed to frame a few lines of brilliant humour that even now strikes me as not too bad at all…

But of late my posts have been less funny. In fact they haven’t been funny at all..if funny was dynamite, then the funny in my last fews posts would be hard pressed to blow the kneecap off a mosquito… In fact, the last funny post on my blog was I recall not when, BUT,( to rhyme with duh! as George put it so well in his review of Wanted) I do appreciate good humour when I come across it and in recent blogdom nothing has come quite so close as these examples of fine funny writing one a movie review as only George Thomas could write it..and the other a muse out loud on the names of scandinavian kings by one of the sharpest minds I’ve had the misfortune of not interacting too much with – Kunal Sawardekar

Read, and enjoy!!!

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