On the Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010.. and it’s Anthem

Everything to do with the CWG games is now controversial.

Preparations for the games have been mired by  corruption, tardiness, inane media hoopla and what not. Sittng here in Africa, I am luckily not overly subjected to our amoebic intelligence level mainstream media(MSM). However, we do get a couple of news channels that I tune into once in a while, and what depresses me more than the stories is the journalism – it ain’t yellow any more buddy, but some sickly colour inconsistent with proper digestion and the smell is beyond nauseating!

But when copious amounts of Bio waste were being hurled at one of my heroes A R Rahman for his contribution to the games, I did take notice. Twitterers/ Tweeters /Twitters/ Twits were actively tweeting on same too and I cottoned on to the fact that “apparently” ARR’s latest effort for the CWG anthem was (1) a real dud, (2) cost the exchequer in the vicinity of 5 Crores which is outrageous and that (3) he handed in his submission late, well past the deadline too boot!

My thoughts on this:

(1) It’s not a dud , Rahman’s melodies grow on you. The world danced to ” Jai Ho! ” didn’t it?..Was it his best effort?- Not by a long long shot and that from me a self confessed absolute lover of anything that ARR dishes out. If albums like ” Gentleman ” (which first catapulted Rahman to glory IIRC?) and “Roja” (OMFG what an album!!) hit you immediately with their awesomeness, then equally with Rahman you have efforts like “Rangeela”, “Minsaara Kanavu / Sapnay”, “Daud”, “The Legend of Bhagat Singh”,”Lagaan” – OK, so the list is going to get reaalllly long here so let me sum it up by saying- and a gazillion others that on a first suno sound like as if ARR’s lost his touch but after a couple of days (or after a couple of more hears) suddenly- WHAAMM!!! the songs take over your brain and nothing  goes on in your head other than his melodies. The CWG anthem falls  into the first category for me, but, if you dont like it yet.. you will.. just wait and watch !!!

(2) 5 Crores for this particular anthem. About a million dollars? Maaan that’s probably the only money that the CWG committee can slap their chests with pride and say they’ve spent well. This anthem is worth its weight in Rhodium ( I AM a metallurgist by education, and have to show off once in a while no?) and you’re crazy if you think Rahman overcharged the GoI for his effort

(3) OK with the state of readiness for the games what they are ..are you (MSM..that’s you in particular) seriously expecting a bloke sitting here in Africa like me to buy into this again nauseous colored and smelling bio substance ????

Enough said on that. To finish off:

A R Rahman is GOD level
The CWG Anthem Rocks Big Time
Hope the CWG itself lives up to the standard of excellence set for it by ARR with his composition
It’s all I’m humming all day nowadays (Click on the title of this blog post to hear it yourself , AND the official video is really good as well ! )

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2 Responses to On the Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010.. and it’s Anthem

  1. ravi says:

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  2. Ajith says:

    I guess Rahman had one of those WTF days @ office ..But agree with you.. Rahman is god.. 🙂

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