On the day I made it through to Olam

[Aside]Have been wearingly busy  these last few days trying to cap a crucial month close, and what with a planned fly-by-wire trip to India to perform my Mom’s (peace be upon her) Shraadh ceremony[/Aside]

Today,at lunchtime, I  got a call from a junior at IIFT, Archit Tiwari – absolutely ecstatic at having made it through to Olam in the lateral placements and , boy, did that take me right back to the same moment almost three years back !!

I remember that:

  • I’d joined IIFT with Olam as one of the companies in sight as far as placements were concerned
  • The idea was to focus on academics, rank among the toppers of the batch. Do a lot of club activities on the side( I enrolled for every club bar Koshish and that coz there was a cap on number of clubs we could join in our times), and spend two years gearing up for Olam !!
  • That idea went for a toss so early into my IIFT stint that it wasn’t even funny.I remember that in the run up for the IMF elections,when I finally decided to file my nomination for post of President, my wife (then Fiancee) specifically asking me why I wanted to stand for elections when that wasn’t what how I’d planned my two years [ though heart of hearts I could sense she wasn’t too upset with my change of plans  😀 ]. 
  • I ended trimester one  ranked 93 out 93  students on Delhi ( oh the reasons for that are hilarious, and embarassing!). NO topper by any stretch of imagination that!!
  • After I got elected President, a fantastic story in its own right – one that I can and have only shared in its entirety with my wife and of course my fellow IMFers, I’d most given up any hope of coralling any good placement, but then the philosopher in me took over and I warrior-ed on..
  • During finals, I made it through  Olam, and a weird feeling subsumed me. One that really wondered how two paths entire worlds apart culminated in the same thing (a path I imagined that lead me to Olam, and an entirely real life track that again ended up with me making it to Olam )
Three years post that day, I think , again that life hasn’t exactly panned out as I’d planned these three years but it’s been so much more learning, so much more fun , and so much more rewarding than I’d imagined.
To Peter Sayal, Gaurav Patil  & Archit Tiwari :
Welcome to Olam, guys.
You’ve just taken the red pill, now watch how deep the rabbit hole goes !!! 
Yennjoy !!
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7 Responses to On the day I made it through to Olam

  1. Sycoraxmona says:

    looks like this is a prologue to a long Olam story of urs, waiting for part -2 where u mention the funny Indonesia trip. And our deepest condolences, May God b with u n ur families.

  2. mohitj says:

    I hope the next story is the making of the IMF presi. 🙂

  3. Arkus Caesar says:

    @sycoraxmona: oh yes, the Indonesia tales must be chronicled!!
    @mohitj: NO way Jose!! That story's reserved for those who've been welcomed to the world of secrets 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Sir. I m trying to reach you on 09870008207 but not been able to – Gaurav Patil

  5. Dude…i would really like to discuss with u on some issues that hav been bothering me in terms of IIFT and Life after IIFT…would be great if you u could send in ur mail id or something at sachnsit@gmail.com

  6. VOGAZ says:

    yeah …

  7. Arkus Caesar says:

    @Gaurav Patil : I'm based in Bangalore now, working with a startup MBA school call Vanguard Business School ( http://www.vanguardbschool.com)
    @rucificacous: you can mail me at < arkabhattacharya AT gmail.com >

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