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On the lack of Suitability of Certain Unmarried Folk

I recently read ” The (In)eligible Bachelors” by Ruchita Misra. This book falls into several automatic categories – Indian English Literature, Popular Culture, MBA Authors, Chick Lit, etc. This is my review of the book… Ever since Chetan Bhagat and … Continue reading

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On the day I made it through to Olam

[Aside]Have been wearingly busy  these last few days trying to cap a crucial month close, and what with a planned fly-by-wire trip to India to perform my Mom’s (peace be upon her) Shraadh ceremony[/Aside] Today,at lunchtime, I  got a call from a … Continue reading

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The Great IIFTian Hostel Room Makeover

This is the room that Ayush and I share… …and quite frankly as you can see, it needed a makeover. so we started and pretty quickly into our effort we were rewarded by locating lost stash like this swimming goggles … Continue reading

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On Why Architects Refraining from Ganja is a good idea…

Well, one of my favourite artists of all times is Maurits C. Escher. Now he was known for capturing finer points of Riemannian, Lobachevskian and other more mathematically complex topologies through his art. His works span some of the more … Continue reading

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Deja Vu ??

We are extremely glad for the overwhelming participation in the preliminary round of “QUEST – A Business Quiz for the B-Schools” held on January 10, 2007, wherein a total of 198 teams participated across the 12 B-Schools. It gives us … Continue reading

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BT Acumen 2006

The North Zone Champs at ITC Grand Central Sheraton & Towers, Mumbai ( joy! :D) The Debate Finals versus Sydenham National Champs with host Harsha Bhogle Winners All (l to r):Alumni Quiz Winners(South);Quiz Winners (IIM Bangalore);Debate Winners (IIFT)Swarnim and Me … Continue reading

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On Workloads and Lack Of Sleep…

This last week has capped one of the most strenuous and rigorous times I’ve ever been forced to deal with. The workload here at IIFT as I’m sure with any of the top B-schools in India must be comparable. But, … Continue reading

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On One Trimester Later…

You would’nt believe it, but time flies, shit happens, and sometimes even before you know it started, its over…I guess that’s the best way to describe the first trimester at IIFT that just whizzed past..five days hence, we begin with … Continue reading

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The First 100 Days

This mini-elective is one of the most popular courses taught at France’s INSEAD. Since 2004 the course has had students taking the reins of a simulated company during its first 100 days in business. Before they can even sign up … Continue reading

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On my mind

This song is constantly on a loop in our hostel room…. One fine song!!! This one’s for you baby Click HERE to play

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