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On Mainstream Media (MSM) Credibility, Big Shot Journos, #barkhagate and #vircrasher

The evolving 2G Scam and #barkhagate (for those following on Twitter) raises serious questions on the credibilty of our Mainstream Media (MSM) and our revered journos.  Even if there is no illegality involved, at the very least it underlines two … Continue reading

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On Mir Publishing house

Back when i was schooling in Chennai, books from MIR publishers were the rage..they’d dominate book fairs at our schools and at such dos I’d usually return home with bagful of goodiees from the house of MIR. Of course my … Continue reading

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On Democracy in Africa and the future of its Economy

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to pen my thoughts on the phenomenon of country after country in Africa celebrating their 50th Anniversary of Independence. It has been close to two years now that I’ve been residing in Cotonou, … Continue reading

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On Lords of Poverty…

Graham Hancock’s books have always been excellent reads. See this earlier post of mine. Got my hands on another book of his today, will surely post a review once done but when you read this upfront: ” Lords of Poverty … Continue reading

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Defending Jaswant

I’m a Congress person. Have always been as far back as I can remember, and yet it’s true that the congress has a long way to go before it can be the party that I would unreservedly support.The Congress is … Continue reading

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Thakumar Jhuli

Eons of Bengali youngsters have been weaned on stories from this definitive treasure trove of fantasia, which translated means “Grandmother’s Bag” and we (my sister and I) were no different. For us however, more fertile memories are linked with the … Continue reading

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The Great IIFTian Hostel Room Makeover

This is the room that Ayush and I share… …and quite frankly as you can see, it needed a makeover. so we started and pretty quickly into our effort we were rewarded by locating lost stash like this swimming goggles … Continue reading

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On Why Architects Refraining from Ganja is a good idea…

Well, one of my favourite artists of all times is Maurits C. Escher. Now he was known for capturing finer points of Riemannian, Lobachevskian and other more mathematically complex topologies through his art. His works span some of the more … Continue reading

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The Ecstasy of Bliss

Sometimes, you’ll come across written words that go beyond their weight’s worth in Silver, Gold, Palladium, Feynmanium, diamonds or any whichever fantastically expensive substance you can think of.Isaac Asimov often had that effect on me, as did Dickens and Shakespeare, … Continue reading

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BT Acumen 2006

The North Zone Champs at ITC Grand Central Sheraton & Towers, Mumbai ( joy! :D) The Debate Finals versus Sydenham National Champs with host Harsha Bhogle Winners All (l to r):Alumni Quiz Winners(South);Quiz Winners (IIM Bangalore);Debate Winners (IIFT)Swarnim and Me … Continue reading

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