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Thakumar Jhuli

Eons of Bengali youngsters have been weaned on stories from this definitive treasure trove of fantasia, which translated means “Grandmother’s Bag” and we (my sister and I) were no different. For us however, more fertile memories are linked with the … Continue reading

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Some more Pics

Manali @Manali Also @Manali

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Big Shot In Cannes Have always been an unabashed fan of my sister’s here’s a short animation film by her on the environment that made it to the top 10 finalists in a worldwide competition by Yahoo called “Big Shot in Cannes”..if … Continue reading

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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

All are invited!!!

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Durga Puja

The Durga Puja Pandal at Aundh-Baner L to R: Manali, Mom,Dad,Me Re-Inquizzition: (of sorts :D) FC’s Inquizzition 2002 was the first big quiz me and Manich won L to R: Aadisht Khanna,Rishi Iyengar , Ramanand, Anand Shivshankar, Amit Verma, Kunal … Continue reading

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My Favourite Pic

I don’t remember exactly when this was taken..or where..but this is absolutely my favourite picture of Manali and me together!!

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On Charity begins at home

Have always been a lover of art, but my tastes have been rather catholic..i.e not restricted to accepted well knowns..of course Escher ,Dali,gogin etc. rock… but here’s another artist whose paintings I love…my sister… BTW for the discerning, the blog … Continue reading

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On Surviving a Train Blast…

Yesterday Manali and I had gone to my cousins’ place at Vasai Road for lunch…after a pleasantly lazy lunch, we started from Vasai Road at about 6:00 ish to head to Goregaon and further to Inorbit, where Saili, Manali’s younger … Continue reading

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Manali And Me

This is on my birthday at my place …the scars on my hand were from my latest accident on holi eve…:)

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ICONOs Junta Seeing off my Sis at Pune Station: (L to R) Dorli,Kesri,Das,Savvy,Didi, Me (fresh from my accident),Saggy,Deoras Bhai Khandale and Thote, Anna completing the set.. 

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