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On Mainstream Media (MSM) Credibility, Big Shot Journos, #barkhagate and #vircrasher

The evolving 2G Scam and #barkhagate (for those following on Twitter) raises serious questions on the credibilty of our Mainstream Media (MSM) and our revered journos.  Even if there is no illegality involved, at the very least it underlines two … Continue reading

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The Top 3 things on my mind this 9th October

Numero Un: 1st October was Nigeria’s 50th Independance anniversary Deux: 2nd October was Gandhiji’s 142nd Birth Anniversary Trois: 3-4th October: I was bitten by a mosquito, I think in Burkina (but I cannot be sure of this), subsequently travelled to … Continue reading

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On My Niger Trip…Al Qaeda..Military Coups..and Charming Diplomats

I was in Niger these last couple of days. Stayed at the Hotel Gaweye in Niamey.Staying with us at the Gaweye, was a largish contingent of French Military Troops and a sizable number of foreign correspondents tracing the unfolding hostage … Continue reading

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On the new Twitter-er on the block…

As always in keeping with my slightly late but dedicated adoption of new technologies, am now hooked to twittering. Had played with twittering a couple of years back but then it wasn’t the phenomenon it is today. I tweet @arkab … Continue reading

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On Life not being too bad…

Manali happens to be absolutely a gadget freak and one those people who keep changing mobile phones more frequently than you or I would change clothes. But it’s been a while since she’s last changed her phone, and so when … Continue reading

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Engagement Round the corner!!

It’s been a while as far as my posts are concerned ..and yes, I HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!! But not too busy to let the world know that come the 19th of april, i will be getting engaged…here’s my fave pic … Continue reading

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Deja Vu ??

We are extremely glad for the overwhelming participation in the preliminary round of “QUEST – A Business Quiz for the B-Schools” held on January 10, 2007, wherein a total of 198 teams participated across the 12 B-Schools. It gives us … Continue reading

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