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On my Changing Blog persona…and two brilliantly funny posts

Used to be that my earliest blog posts were so much more interlaced with humour..reading through a few of them reminds me gently that sometimes I wrote assuming I was the greatest funny writer available on the planet when I … Continue reading

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On Why Architects Refraining from Ganja is a good idea…

Well, one of my favourite artists of all times is Maurits C. Escher. Now he was known for capturing finer points of Riemannian, Lobachevskian and other more mathematically complex topologies through his art. His works span some of the more … Continue reading

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Sawai Singh Rajpurohit’s Wedding….2

The story so far… As we shifted ho from Kunwarda towards the nearby village of Bhadrajun, we were greeted by a road that slipped in towards a vale encircled on three sides by mountains, and seemed headed for what seemed … Continue reading

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Sawai Singh Rajpurohit’s Wedding…..

Most everyone has seen a Punjabi wedding or a Bengali wedding (atleast in extended 3 hr long technicolor tearjerker/romantic comedies)…but not a Rajasthani wedding, and definitely not a traditional Rajasthani wedding(====>>reasons to follow). Therefore, when rumour was that a certain … Continue reading

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"Manjrekar Theory"

I know that India lost the just concluded test series to Australia and the much awaited taming of the”last frontier” was finally and efficiently achieved by the visitors.Yet, there can be no denying the joy I derived from the victory … Continue reading

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Dumber and Dumber’s Con-Quizt

Circa 2002: This is a small story of how Rahul and Me availed ourselves of entertainment and tremendous satisfaction at Fergusson College’s(FC) English Lit. Quiz. We’re usually the last to arrive in time for anything. And Lord knows, as my … Continue reading

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This just in…

Just watching the news parallelly as I check my mails and there’s this snippet on NDTV India about those irritating bhajan singers, nay, tuneless non-bhajan bawlers, in Mumbai locals… these guys honestly, don’t realise how much they irritate the mental … Continue reading

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Comments Invited

Hmmm…. I was on the verge of suicidal tendencies on account of not having even a single comment posted by “friends” who “claimed” they visited my blog and tried to post comments but “failed”…. Apparently the “…double quotes…” are unnecessary, … Continue reading

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India’s olympic Gold….

No… before you descend into raptures of orgasmic pleasure, or spasms of intense disbelief…let me state categorically THAT WE HAVEN”T WON EVEN A SINGLE GOLD YET AT ATHENS fact 1980, Los angeles (?) was our last gold in hockey … Continue reading

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