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On What India needs..

Somewhere close to our 64th Independence day, I’d floated a tweet with the message that what  India really needs going forward is good education and good healthcare and that with these two taken care of most everything else would naturally … Continue reading

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On The Awesome Land Of Tor’BleDnaM..

Benoit Mandelbrot A Tribute: Benoit Mandelbrot Developer of fractal geometry dies at 85 in Mass. The Associated Press CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Benoit Mandelbrot (ben-WAH’ MAN’-dul-braht), a well-known mathematician who was largely responsible for developing the field of fractal geometry, … Continue reading

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The Genesis of Chakravyuh

Reproduced with (I hope 😀 ) the blessings of my quizzing seniors at the BCQC is the story of how one of India’s finest  open general quizzes started off.I was lucky to be studying in COEP the years 1999-2003 and … Continue reading

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On Democracy in Africa and the future of its Economy

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to pen my thoughts on the phenomenon of country after country in Africa celebrating their 50th Anniversary of Independence. It has been close to two years now that I’ve been residing in Cotonou, … Continue reading

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On my Changing Blog persona…and two brilliantly funny posts

Used to be that my earliest blog posts were so much more interlaced with humour..reading through a few of them reminds me gently that sometimes I wrote assuming I was the greatest funny writer available on the planet when I … Continue reading

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On Lords of Poverty…

Graham Hancock’s books have always been excellent reads. See this earlier post of mine. Got my hands on another book of his today, will surely post a review once done but when you read this upfront: ” Lords of Poverty … Continue reading

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On Life not being too bad…

Manali happens to be absolutely a gadget freak and one those people who keep changing mobile phones more frequently than you or I would change clothes. But it’s been a while since she’s last changed her phone, and so when … Continue reading

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Defending Jaswant

I’m a Congress person. Have always been as far back as I can remember, and yet it’s true that the congress has a long way to go before it can be the party that I would unreservedly support.The Congress is … Continue reading

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Winning the Presidential Debate ain’t the same as winning the Election

Heck, winning the popular vote ain’t the same as winning the election as Al Gore found out to his distaste. And winning the presidential debates sure didn’t win Kerry the popular vote or the election or anything but a forgotten … Continue reading

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Three Medals at Beijing!!

All I ask is for three medals at Beijing this year. Nothing fancy. Nothing impossible, given that India has already secured its first Individual Olympic Gold. Even two more Bronzes will do nicely, because, that would make for India’s strongest … Continue reading

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